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Frequently Asked Questions... 

No question is a silly question when it comes to researching & gathering information about any treatment you might be considering. Every question is a valid one and helps to ensure you fully understand the treatment/procedure you will consent for, should you go ahead with treatment.

If you don't find the answer to your question below or wish to discuss something more in depth, please get in touch. I'm more than happy to talk things over.

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Injectable Treatments


Anti wrinkle review appointments

Your anti wrinkle results will be at their optimum 2 weeks after initial treatment.

 All anti-wrinkle appointments include a review appointment 2-3 weeks post treatment to assess & evaluate your results.

If required & safe to do so, additional doses may be administered at this appointment to reach your desired outcome (this is subjective to each individual patient and is not mandatory).

It is your responsibility to make sure you attend this review appointment no later than 3 weeks after initial treatment as additional doses will not be added any later than this due to potential risks.

If you are happy with your results at your review appointment, adding additional doses will not increase the longevity of your results- it can result in overtreatment/adverse results.


Skin Health Assessment & Consultation

Skin is the largest organ in our body- it is key to look after it every day, not just on the days you come to visit clinic.


To support you on your journey to good skin health, we offer individual skin assessments to identify your concerns & match this with a ZO Skin Health protocol for you to use consistently at home. 

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